What goes on at Workspace stays at Workspace. All co-workers at Workspace Whangarei sign a co-working agreement and agree that “all” information for or belonging to another person is confidential.

Welcome to Workspace Whangarei

WORKSPACE Whangarei is a new way of working.  It uses the principles of activity based working to create a work environment that promotes agility, connectedness and enhanced collaboration.

Open plan space is ideal for creating a working environment which supports interaction and collaboration, allowing knowledge to be shared between collaborators and through business networks.

Different groups have very different working styles; careful attention has been paid to acoustics and the distribution of work settings to accommodate a range of work styles from active collaborative team work to quiet, focussed individual work.

Open Plan Area

Open plan area


The open plan area is flexible and efficient to accommodate varying team sizes – the furniture and method of providing services has been specifically selected to enhance this. The open plan area is supported by spaces catering for more private and noisier activities.

Areas for focussed activities


People are welcomed and encouraged to interact with others. Specific spaces have been designed for casual meetings. There are meeting rooms, focused working rooms, secluded places to make a telephone call and informal meeting spaces.

Focussed Activities

Facilities include:


  • Flexible collaborative workspaces
  • Meeting and seminar spaces 
  • Colour printer/scanner/copier
  • Full fibre internet Wi-Fi
  • Smart TVs for presentations
  • Printing whiteboard
  • Individual lockers available
  • Fully equipped kitchen 
  • Tea and coffee available
  • Free all day parking
  • Ongoing events for Co-Workers



Workspace Whangarei is designed for the mobile office and allows co-workers to bring their own devices across multiple platforms and systems; high-speed fibre, Wi-Fi, colour printer/scanner/copier and technical support.

Whether co-workers wish to use technology or simply pick up a pen to demonstrate an idea or process, Workspace Whangarei provides ease of access to AV, connectivity and writing surfaces. The focus is on facilitating and encouraging mobility and meaningful contribution in the workplace.


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24 Finlayson Street
Whangarei 0110

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